Hampton Inn Columbia

Filthy shower, friendly staff
I frequently travel for business and I almost always stay at a Hampton Inn, but I cannot recommend this location. While the staff was very friendly, I have NEVER in any of my travels seen a dirtier shower than I encountered at this hotel. If I had seen it in advance I would either have asked to be moved to a different room or moved to a different hotel. I was wishing for shower shoes, and I almost showered while standing on a towel to avoid having to touch the floor with my bare feet. If I wasn’t traveling for business I would have skipped the shower all together. As you can see in the pictures, there was both black and orangish/red mold in the shower, and there is no way that this kind of mold could

build up in a shower that was regularly cleaned. Bottom line, it was disgusting. I brought the issue to the attention of the front desk personnel upon checkout, but I feel like they did not take my concern seriously. Do yourself a favor and stay at the Hampton down the road; I’ve never been there but I bet the shower doesn’t look like this one did. Oh and the room was a bit hot. I’m not sure if there was a problem with the air conditioning system or if it just can’t cool the room well when it is almost 100F outside, but it was uncomfortably warm in my room. I had to prop the door open to the hall to get the room to cool down, and then it was ok.

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