Hampton Inn & Suites Columbia (at the University of Missouri)

Rooms are way to hot!!
Is this hotel clean, yes. Service was fine. The problem is the air conditioning units. I was there this past weekend, June 17 and June 18. Yes it was very warm outside, but, the units are motion activated, so you are walking into a very hot room, we had to be somewhere in 90 mins, should be plenty of time to get ready. I turned the temp down to the lowest number which was 60, it was reading 84 in the room. it would kick on get down to 78 then kick off and not kick on again until it went back up to 80. I called the front desk, they sent a person to look at it. he said it is motion activated and it is very warm, nothing he can do. I was sweating the whole time while trying to get ready, I finally gave up

and did my makeup in the car. We went to the front desk when we left the girl said she would send someone else up. When we got back it was cooler, but still not cool enough. Then the problem comes up when you are sleeping, it would turn off with no movement so we were up off and on all night cause you got way too warm. Also, the next night I was getting ready alone in the bathroom, so no movement in the room, I had to keep walking in the room to get cool, it would kick off while I was drying my hair, curling, ect. And there is no vent in the bathroom for cool air, it was always hotter in there. This motion activated air is a big concern for me in the summer, I will be asking now at every hotel I stay at during the warmer months, please beware!

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