Hillary Humor: A Sign of Illness

Like Hillary Clinton? Maybe after seeing these funny, yet truthful cartoons you will realize a bit of the truth, do not support Hillary Clinton? Then I am sure you will get a laugh out of these cartoons!

funny anti-democrat images alert! enjoy! LOL

2016-09-13-2f530da1_large 2016-09-13-4e65fb14_large

[AdsenseImage]2016-09-13-5a71d594_large 2016-09-13-909c82d7_large 2016-09-13-954e19f5_large

[adsense]2016-09-13-17797120_large 2016-09-13-20128576_large 2016-09-13-ad03393e_large 2016-09-14-3a77677a_large 2016-09-16-0e3f4b60_large 2016-09-16-37525587_large

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