Hilton Garden Inn Columbia

Rude, rude, rude, rude!
As you might guess from the title of this post we had a very rude experience with this hotel. There is a male that worked on Friday, April 29th, 2017, that was, in a word, rude. He had four opportunities to interact with me and each time he was rude. I called to check on the room and was told, “I have guest in front of me you will have to hold.” Not asked if I could hold, not offered a call back, just told I would “have to” hold and a click of the phone going on hold. Just after our check in I was checking on breakfast hours and the same clerk, right in the middle of my taking, picked up a phone and started speaking into it. Didn’t excuse himself or even motion to the phone, just left me speaking and picked up the phone. We won’t go in his explanation of why I couldn’t have an upgrade or his response when we dared call down and ask for the wifi password!

Add to that…The iron in the room was old and actually emitted some unknown substance that ruined my son’s shirt.

On the upside, the folks in the restaurant were friendly and the food was tasty.

But I won’t be back…the front desk experience was way too negative, who wants to pay double the rack rate on a busy weekend just to be abused by a front desk clerk?
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