Hilton Garden Inn Columbia

Broken Promises
My sister and law and I stayed at this hotel in May of this year. What a disaster!!! When we got there was told our room was given away and there was nothing they could do… After we put up a huge fuss we were told oh someone just checked out and we have to clean the room. We waited an hour an a half from the time we arrived to when we were finally able to check in to our reserved room. When we got to the room- the room was dirty! So much for cleaning the room… The experience was overall not a good one. After our stay we received a survey I filled it and Roseney (sp?) called immediately to apologize and said she knew we were not local but asked if we would be traveling back to the area. I said yes we most likely would she said to give her a call when we would be and

she would love to comp our next night there. I thought that was a very nice gesture. Now lets fast forward to this week…. I called and Roseney is no longer there, I was bounced around to a front desk manager, sales manager and then a regional manager. The regional manager told me she would have to look into it and that Roseney should have never offered me a comp room as she was only an admin and did not have the authority to do that. She then said she would have to investigate and call me back. Which she did- to only tell me there was no record of a comp room. I politely cut her off as I had booked the MARRIOTT the day before. I will NEVER stay at this hotel again! When the Regional Manager cannot stand by there employee’s words or make the situation right- there is obviously something wrong… starting at the top

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