Holiday Inn Columbia East – GREED!

Holiday Inn will be my last resort hotel when I make hotel reservations. When I booked the room online, the price quoted was $148, upon check in the price jumped to $152, which is only $4 but I was staying two nights and then there is the still the taxes that are charged on the additional $8. It’s just the principle, if you’re quoted a price then that should be the price, no surprises. When I inquired, the clerk laughed it off. I inquired about discounts and was told, “Oh this weekend, no discounts apply.” Seriously, your hotel is full, why would you not honor discounts? Two words…corporate greed!!!

My check-in was the most disorganized check in I’ve ever experienced. I was disappointed in the lack of professionalism during the greeting, the attire, and the way the check-in was handled.

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