La Quinta Inn & Suites Columbia

LaQuinta what has happened to quality control
Have used La Quinta as a trusted provider for at least 20 years. Could always depend on them to have clean pleasant hotels. Checked into this hotel tonight. Smells like someone has not taken the garbage out for a week.

Hall has dirt line fown both sides where vacuum does not do the edges. Many torn spots on wall covering. Door scrapes trim messed up

Room is nice enough, but bath tub floor is textured and is very dirty looking. Sprayed down with Lysol spray before using. Grab rail crudly held is place with caulk. Poor water pressure.

Would have left on smell alone, but used Priceline so stuck.

Will have to rethink staying at LaQuinta. Like the chain because they allow our pet. Recently stayed in a cheap hotel that was in better shape for half the price.

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