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We live out in the country and had MCM Systems wireless Internet service for about 4 years. They are the only local place that could provide internet. When it was working it was good with speeds close to 5 Mbs as advertised. For the first year or two it worked ok. Was never consistently at 5 Mbs but was good enough to run Netflix and other services (closer to 2mbs). Occasionally we would have an issue with the equipment and they would fix it fairly promptly.
This last year was different. We were constantly calling about how poor our service was. They would say they would call us back and we wouldn’t hear a word. We called probably 5-10 times and waited about a week in between calls. On good days we could get speeds as fast as 3 mbs but it was extremely spotty and most times it wasn’t even close to that. We couldn’t watch Netflix hardly at all. Browsing the internet was worse then dial-up.
We again would call and they said they would call us back. After complaining long enough they finally came out and tried some different equipment and it didn’t work. We were told that a tree on the neighbor’s farm was in the way and that they would move our antenna to another location once the ground had hardened up.
So, months went by again and then we called again. Again, they said they would call us back and never did. At one point I called and I politely said I needed my internet fixed and one of the owners told me she would be happy to cancel my service. I told her I needed internet and that

they were the only providers available. (They would rather just lose business then do proper customer service.) So, I called once a day for a few days and they finally just told me that we needed to have the neighbor’s tree cut down. I said one of your techs, their son, said he would move our antenna to a different location. This involved some more equipment. They said that wasn’t an option. And again they told me they would be happy to cancel our service if needed.
I started my search for providers again, I found Exede Satellite internet. We in the past used to much data for Satellite internet. They had a cap and if you went over you payed a lot. They changed the cap policy and now just slow your speed down once you hit the cap. But their slow speed is rated at 1-5mbs.
We called MCM to cancel our service. They were there the next day to remove everything. Talk about customer service. They had just billed us for that month. So we asked for a refund. They said they would look into it. It has been over a month and it didn’t happen. Will call again.
Meanwhile our new satellite internet service is up and WORKING GREAT! Our speeds have been over 12 mbs and when we hit the cap it slowed down to just above 4 mbs so far. We don’t pay much more then we did and it’s so much better.
For being a local family owned and run place MCM is terrible in customer service. Meanwhile they drive some REALLY nice vehicles!?

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