MCM systems

We moved into our house in march 3rd of 2016 and started using their service in a couple days after that. It started out good going in between (4 and 5 mbps). The ping was so high you couldn’t play online with it. So the guy that installed it, said to call him back if it kept doing it, so i called in and they said there was nothing they could do about it so i left it alone. A couple months go by and i start to meet the neighbors and the guy down the street says he uses the same internet and he has two gamer’s that live with him that haven’t had any issues with lagging, so i attempt to call in a second time and the lady takes my number down and says they will give me a call back. 4 days go by and still no call back so then i call them a third time and the lady puts me on hold and some guy gets on the phone he gets on his computer and checks the connection and says there is no problems.
A couple more months go by and i have called them a few more times that wasn’t mentioned and the trees were starting to bloom out so they said this would happen and it did, so my internet drops down in between (3 and 4 mbps) which was expected. A couple more months go by and we have a really bad storm and after that i was down to anywhere from (0.50 to 1.10 mbps) so like any customer i call in again to ask and they say its because of the trees, so then i ask why was it higher before the storm and they just kept saying its the trees. I also heard several time from the owners say we can come uninstall the service. Not very polite, so i call in again for the 15th time and they said they were going to get a tower put up out behind our neighbors house and he had said it would be up in November and it is now December and i called them today to change my billing information and i asked for an update on the tower and the lady says hold for 1 minute and the owner get on the phone and responds very rudely. Then i asked about coming out to see if he can get me a better signal and he states that he and several others have been out and that’s the best signal i can get and i am currently getting between (1 and 2.5 mbps) and all the leafs are off the trees so i should be getting between (4 and 5) like before, so someone is fibbing. All i wanted was for someone to come out and get me a better signal and politeness would have gotten a good review. I am paying full price for half service isn’t that nice…

also attaching screenshots of how they treat customers!

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