Murry’s made me sick (columbia, MO)

I ate there last night. 8/16/18 AND GOT SICK!. Let me tell you why. This place seems to think more is more and not less is more. Everything was just butter soaked in butter and it came with a bowel of butter to dip that in. You can squeeze the butter out of the bread. They seemed to take their more is more ideas from the butter soup you food comes in. To the lighting. It was sooooo dark. Really it was

like being in a mine shaft with lights strung up ever 15 feet. The only time they didn’t take the more is more idea was in the food portions. The size it ok. But if you order a chicken pesto. That is what you get. 3 chunks of butter soaked under-cooked chicken with 6 spoon fulls of butter pesto per chunk. NO SIDES. all side cost more. My girlfriend got the salmon. so the just brought her out 1 flank of butter cooked salmon..

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