Popular Kids Snacks From The 90’s! Do You Remember? I DO!

I thought I would bring together a small collection of some of the snacks I remember as a kid from the 90’s!  I really do miss the 90’s, it is when I grew up and some of the best times of my life! Enjoy these throw back snacks!


This ketchup was awesome! I remember the green!



Ahhh, Dunkaroos how I miss you!53b8a92e001b233c3dd12c7be701a8c1a07c0959
3D Doritos!  Not sure if they really taste better than normal Doritos, but we thought they did, plus they can in a cool plastic container!c800a75d87a9cfe3c9f831cd4596236fac5939c3 fdc1f023a8307f1ce8bfc732f5976e01d04cd5ce fsqts0y hpccf
some places still have this oatmeal, so good!
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Trix Cereal when it actually had shapes!
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