How To Prepare For The Solar Eclipse

On Monday, August 21, 2017, an event that hasn’t happened in almost 100 years is going to occur: a total solar eclipse. With something as rare and special as this, hysteria is warranted all over the country. If the skies are clear, the entire continental US will have a chance to witness the moon completely blocking the sun. Unless you plan to chase a phenomenon like this in other parts of the world, you’d better prepare for the Monday spectacle.
When is the eclipse? The exact time of the eclipse will depend on where you are in the country. According to NASA, the total eclipse itself will start at 10:15 a.m., Pacific Time, somewhere in Oregon, and will end at 2:48 p.m., Eastern Time, in South Carolina.

Where can you watch the eclipse? The eclipse will move across the continent for about one hour and 40 minutes. All states
will be able to see it, but fourteen will be able to experience its totality. During this kind of eclipse, we have the once-in-a-lifetime chance to look at the corona. This is the sun’s outer atmosphere where solar flares occur.


What shall we do during the eclipse? While you can’t run after the moon with the NASA scientists in their jets
, or ride the Amtrak Eclipse Express, there are things you can do to watch the solar eclipse with family and friends. Just make sure you have the appropriate gear or equipment to enjoy it safely.

Although it is generally harmless for the naked eyes to look at the sun during total eclipse, it is wise to do so with filters. You must wear eclipse glasses or use camera filters and telescopes that follow international safety standards. They provide proper protection to minimize ultraviolet rays from damaging your eyes.

How To Prepare For The Solar Eclipse

When wearing a pair of eclipse glasses and you realize that it is too dark, or you can no longer see anything, that is the perfect time to take them off. Just remember that totality only lasts for a little under or a little over two minutes, so make sure that you put the glasses back on soon enough. In case you don’t have a pair of eclipse glasses, you can check out the public libraries for supplies.

If you wish to get the most out of the event, you don’t only have to prepare for the filters but also consider the crowd and the weather in the place where you are. The weather is something out of your control, but it would be wise to have a contingency plan in case the sky is overcast in the place of your first choice. As for the crowd, choose a location that is not too congested especially if you are watching the eclipse with small children.

All in all, the total eclipse on Monday must be an exciting event to witness and enjoy not just with loved ones but everyone in the country.

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