Residence Inn by Marriott Branson

I filed a complaint with AMEX. I intend to follow up with a letter to Expedia (I could not get anyone to call me in a timely fashion – they called 8 hours later while I was tied up eating dinner) and Marirott copying AMEX. This was a joke. This was maybe a $ 70.00 hotel room and Expedia charged me $ 127.00. Housekeeping ripped off some of our stuff when we transferred rooms. The first one was uninhabitable. The staff did try moving us after complaining at the front desk and threatening to leave. At least the plumbing worked in

that room. These rooms were worn out. The first room had a chair with covering on the seat of the chair. The tile in both bathrooms was missing grout and loose. The first room had a frayed run and loose threshold that were both trip hazzards. I can say this is on my top five list of terrible hotel rooms. And I paid a lot more for this room than the others. So I would rate this one number one on my bad hotel rooms. I am very upset with Marriott and Expedia. I won’t be booking either after getting burned like this.

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