Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) CHEATS AND HELP – Play Station 3 (PS3)

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) CHEATS AND HELP – Play Station 3 (PS3)Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (MW3) CHEATS AND HELP – Play Station 3 (PS3)


Gold camo

Reach Level 31 in Multiplayer mode for a weapon by getting 1,000 kills with it to unlock the Gold camo for the weapon.

Secret killstreak

Get a 25 (24 with Hardline) killstreak using only your gun/knife/equipment (killstreak kills do not count) to get a M.O.A.B. (Mother Of All Bombs). When activated, it will kill all enemies on the map, no matter where they are, as well as disable the enemy’s equipment, electronics, and pointstreaks for one minute. Additionally, the team with the person who calls in a M.O.A.B. will get double XP for the rest of the match.

Easy XP

Once you reach Level 20 in Multiplayer mode, use the Specialist Killstreak package to get a lot of extra XP. Create a class with the Hardline perk and use the Specialist Killstreak package. You will get extra points at kills 1, 3, 5, and 7. It will also help you complete the perk’s challenges and the Specialist challenges for each perk. You will be completing the perks, and each perk has a Specialist perk challenge to it. For example, if at one kill you unlock Assassin, you will be completing Assassin challenges while also completing the “Assassin” Specialist challenge. You will get a lot of XP as you complete these challenges in addition to the 200 XP you get for kills 1, 3, 5, and 7 each time. This works best in modes where you get a lot of kills. Additionally, you get extra points for kills 8, 9, 10, etc. as long as you have all the perks enabled and have not died.

Easy Blast Shield Pro

Throw a Flash or Concussion grenade at the wall so it bounces back at you and stuns you. It will be counted as deflecting an explosion for the Blast Shield Pro. Note: This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game.

Easy SitRep Pro

Once you unlock the Trophy System tactical equipment, assign it to a class, and deploy it. Then, knife it, and it will count towards destroyed enemy equipment for the SitRep Pro. Note: This glitch was done on an unpatched version of the game.

Reducing lag

At the multiplayer main menu, select “Options”, then disable the “Theater Recording” option to help reduce lag during online games.

Multiplayer unlockables

Reach the indicated level in Multiplayer mode to unlock the corresponding weapon, perk, equipment, or killstreak/deathstreak:

    Level 5: Throwing KnifeLevel 6: SCAR-L (assault rifle)Level 8: SPAS-12 (shotgun)Level 10: P99 (handgun)Level 11: Blind Eye perkLevel 12: Dragunov (sniper)Level 13: Scrambler (tactical)Level 14: PKP Pecheneg (LMG)Level 15: Hardline perkLevel 15: Revenge (death streak)Level 16: MP9 (machine pistol)Level 18: CM901 (assault rifle)Level 19: Sitrep perkLevel 20: Specialist (strike package)Level 21: EMP Grenade (tactical)Level 22: A550 (sniper)Level 22: Extreme Conditioning perkLevel 24: Javelin (launcher)Level 26: AA-12 (shotgun)Level 27: Assassin perkLevel 28: PP90M1 (SMG)Level 29: Smoke Grenade (tactical)Level 30: MP412 (handgun)Level 30: Steady Aim perkLevel 32: Type 95 (assault rifle)Level 32: Final Stand (death streak)Level 36: Skorpion (M. Pistol)Level 37: Bouncing Betty (anti personnel mine)Level 38: P90 (SMG)Level 39: Scavenger perkLevel 40: Stinger (Launcher; vehicle lock-on only)Level 42: G36C (assault rifle)Level 44: RSASS (sniper)Level 45: Trophy System (deflects enemy explosives/missiles)Level 46: .44 Magnum (handgun)Level 47: Overkill perkLevel 48: Striker (shotgun)Level 50: ACR 6.8 (assault rifle)Level 51: Martyrdom (death streak)Level 52: XM25 (launcher)Level 53: Claymore (anti personnel mine)Level 54: MK46 (LMG)Level 55: Dead Silence perkLevel 56: PM9 (SMG)Level 57: Dead Man’s Hand (death streak)Level 58: Five Seven (handgun)Level 60: MK14 (assault rifle)Level 61: Tactical Insertion (marker to place your next re-spawn)Level 62: Model 1887 (shotgun)Level 64: M320 GLM (launcher)Level 66: MSR (sniper)Level 68: AK-47 (assault rifle)Level 69: C4 ExplosivesLevel 70: G18 (machine pistol)Level 71: Hollow Points (death streak)Level 72: M60E4 (LMG)Level 74: MP7 (SMG)Level 76: Desert Eagle (handgun)Level 77: Portable Radar (shows enemy movement within its radius)Level 78: FAD (assault rifle)Level 80: RPG-7 (launcher)

Prestige rewards

Reach Level 80 in Multiplayer mode to unlock Prestige mode and the Prestige Shop. Each time you Prestige, you will get one Prestige token. You can use the token in the Prestige Shop to unlock one of the following bonuses or save it for use later. There are a total of ten Prestige ranks. Once you reach the tenth Prestige, you will have the ability to reset all your stats and progress and start over again. You will also unlock exclusive titles and emblems when you reach certain Prestiges, which will never be reset. Note: You can also earn Prestige tokens by Prestiging in Call Of Duty: Black Ops, Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Call Of Duty: World At War, and Call Of Duty 4: Modern Warfare. Additionally, the Prestige Shop will automatically be unlocked from the start if you have a Prestige token from Prestiging in one of the four listed Call Of Duty games.

    1. Extra Custom Class2. Double XP (2 hours)3. Double Weapon XP (2 hours)4. Regular Package (title and emblem)5. Unlock Gear (unlock a weapon, equipment, or perk permanently, no matter how many times you Prestige; available after the 1st Prestige)6. Hardened Package (title and emblem; reach 5th Prestige)7. Veteran Package (title and emblem; reach 10th Prestige)8. Reset All Stats (reach 10th Prestige)


The following is a list of all perks and their effect:

Tier 1



    Recon: Explosive damage shows target on mini-mapRecon Pro: Bullet damage shows target on mini-map

Sleight Of Hand

    Sleight Of Hand: Faster reloadingSleight Of Hand Pro: Switch weapons quicker

Blind Eye

    Blind Eye: Undetectable to air support and sentry gunsBlind Eye Pro: Faster lock-on for launchers, and increased bullet damage to air support and sentries

Extreme Conditioning

    Extreme Conditioning: Increased sprint timeExtreme Conditioning Pro: Increased climbing speed


    Scavenger: Get ammo from dead enemiesScavenger Pro: Get more ammo from dead enemies

Tier 2


    Quickdraw: Quicker aiming (ADS)Quickdraw Pro: Quicker recovery from using grenade/equipment

Blast Shield

    Blast Shield: Increased explosive resistanceBlast Shield Pro: Resistance to flash and concussion grenades


    Hardline: Killstreaks require 1 fewer killHardline Pro: Two assists count as kill towards killstreaks, and deathstreaks require 1 fewer death


    Assassin: Undetectable by UAV, portable radar, thermal, and heartbeat sensorsAssassin Pro: Immunity to CUAV and EMP, and no red crosshair or name appears when targeted


    Overkill: Carry two primary weapons; second primary weapon cannot have attachmentsOverkill Pro: Second primary weapon can have two attachments

Tier 3


    Marksman: Identify enemy targets at long rangeMarksman Pro: Hold breath longer while sniping


    Stalker: Increased movement speed while aiming down the sights (ADS)Stalker Pro: Delay enemy claymore explosions


    SitRep: Detect enemy explosives and tactical insertionsSitRep Pro: Louder enemy footsteps

Steady Aim

    Steady Aim: Increased hip fire accuracySteady Aim Pro: Weapon is ready faster after sprinting

Dead Silence

    Dead Silence: Quieter movement, and Recon does not work as well against youDead Silence Pro: No fall damage


The following is a list of the proficiencies for weapons and their attribute:

    1. Kick (reduced recoil)2. Range (increased range)3. Attachments (equip two attachments)4. Focus (reduced flinch when shot)5. Melee (faster melee)6. Stability (reduced sway)7. Impact (greater bullet penetration through walls)8. Speed (faster movement with weapon equipped)9. Damage (shells do more damage; shotgun only)

Killstreak bonuses

Get the indicated number of consecutive kills in Multiplayer mode to get the corresponding bonus. Note: The Specialist Strike Package allows you to choose three additional perks. The Support Strike Package does not reset your killstreak after dying.

Assault Strike Package

    UAV: 3 killsCare Package: 4 killsI.M.S. (Intelligent Munitions System): 5 killsPredator Missile: 5 killsSentry Gun: 5 killsPrecision Airstrike: 6 killsAttack Helicopter: 7 killsStrafe Run: 9 killsLittle Big Guard: 9 killsReaper: 9 killsAssault Drone: 10 killsAC-130: 12 killsPave Low: 12 killsJuggernaut: 15 killsOsprey Gunner: 17 kills

Specialist Strike Package

    One extra perk: 2 killsTwo extra perks: 4 killsThree extra perks: 6 killsAll perks: 8 kills

Support Strike Package

    UAV: 4 killsCounter-UAV: 5 killsBallistic Vests: 5 killsAirdrop Trap: 5 killsSam Turret: 8 killsRecon Drone: 10 killsAdvanced UAV: 12 killsRemote Turret: 12 killsStealth Bomber: 14 killsEMP: 18 killsJuggernaut Recon: 18 killsEscort Airdrop: 18 kills

Deathstreak bonuses

Die the indicated number of times in Multiplayer mode to get the corresponding bonus:

    Final Stand: 4 deaths (unlocked at Level 32; enter Last Stand mode after dying with your primary weapon)Juiced: 4 deaths (move faster for 7.5 seconds after spawning)Martyrdom: 4 deaths (unlocked at Level 51; drop a live grenade after dying)Dead Man’s Hand: 5 deaths (unlocked at Level 57; enter Last Stand mode after dying with C4 equipped)Hollow Points: 5 deaths (unlocked at Level 71; bullets cause more damage for one kill)Revenge: 5 deaths (see position of last enemy that killed you on mini-map)

Weapons, attachments, equipment, and camouflage

The following is a list of the primary weapons, secondary weapons, attachments, equipment, and camouflage in the game, along with the level they are unlocked at in Multiplayer mode:

Assault Rifles

    M4A1M16A4 – 3 round burstSCAR-LCM901TYPE 95 – 3 round burst (Level 32)G36c (Level 42)ACR 6.8 (Level 50)MK14 – Semi-automatic (Level 60)AK-47 (Level 68)FAD (Level 78)

Sub Machine Guns

    MP5UMP45PP90M1P90 (Level 38)PM-9 (Level 56)MP7 (Level 74)

Light Machine Guns

    L86 LSWMG36PKP PechenegMK46 (Level 54)M60E4 (Level 72)

Sniper Rifles

      Barrett .50 CalL118A (bolt action, looks similar to the L96 from

Call Of Duty: Black Ops

    )DragunovAS50RSASS (Level 44)MSR (Level 66)


    USAS 12KSG 12SPAS 12Striker – Semi-auto (Level 48)Model 1887 (Level 62)AA-12

Machine Pistols

    FMG9MP9Skorpion (Level 36)G18 (Level 70)


    USP .45P99MP412.44 Magnum (Level 46)Five Seven (Level 58)Desert Eagle (Level 76)


    SMAWJavelinStinger (Level 40)XM25 (Level 52)M320 GLM (Level 64)RPG (Level 80)


    Frag GrenadeSemtex GrenadeThrowing KnifeBouncing Betty Grenade (Level 37)Claymore (Level 53)C4 (Level 69)


    Flash GrenadeConcussion GrenadeScrambler (like a Jammer)EMP GrenadeSmoke GrenadeTrophy System (tripod sensor that deflects explosive sent in its direction) (Level 45)Tactical Insert (Level 61)Portable Radar (Level 77)


    Red Dot SightSilencerGrenade LauncherACOGHeartbeat SensorHybrid SightExtended MagazinesThermal ScopeRapid FireHamr ScopeHolographic SightGripVariable Zoom Scope


    ClassicSnowMulticamDigital UrbanHexChocoSnakeBlueRedAutumnGold


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