Sears parts and services fraud!

I called into order a new part that broke on my mower. Im mad to begin with because this little metal piece and a nut cost 79 dollars. They are pure screwing people! Then i logged onto my online banking to see if it came out yes, yup it sure did. 2 freakin times!!! So now my bank is down about 180 dollars. I call back in and the billing dept is closed. No one i can talk to says they can

help me because billing is closed. No manager or supervisor can help me out! What a crock of crap!!!! Now my bank is basically empty and i told them i need to buy food today, they just laugh and say call billing tomorrow and they will help. I told them what, i cant eat until tomorrow? They say “correct sir” and ontop of that there isnt a single Amreican to speak to, all forigners that dont give a dang about anyone! Terrible experience i will never be buying any sears products anymore let alone a mower from sears anymore!

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