Sears riding lawn mowers are crap!

Sears mowers are crap. I bought one of the 90th anniversary ones this past march 2017. Its just now august 2017 and this mower had broken 6 times + spend well over 300 dollars on parts so far! Metal pieces are hanging off and breaking. Its all made from light weight cra0 metal or plastic! All the plastic is coming apart! The

seats wont stay where you put it and lock it in. The hitch part wont hold hardly any weight and just bends. Sears scamms you with part replacements! The warrenty that comes with it has not covered a single part i have needed replaced this far! I so wish i never bought this craftsman sears mower. Its nothing but junk. I would not reccomend this mower new or used to my worst enemy! Do not buy!

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