Slowest, rudest bunch of people ever – moberly mcdonalds

One drawback about living in a small town is limited resources. This McDonald’s location is the only one in town, so there’s no other choice. Any day of the week, any time of day, walk in or drive thru it is guaranteed you will encounter the rudest, slowest crews in town. I applaud the focus on speedy service at the drive thru, but when the bag of food is being shoved out the window before your car even reaches the window? That’s a little too speedy. Inside? Completely different story? You should BRING

a lunch to eat while you WAIT for the lunch you’ve ordered, take it to go and then eat it for dinner. Ridiculous wait times inside. This place is an absolute mess and if you’re traveling through our little place and choose to stop and stretch your legs and grab a bite to eat, please accept my apologies if you choose to stop here because you’re about to be aggravated. Sorry, Moberly doesn’t offer a bunch to choose from in the fast food way.

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