Sonic drive in

I don’t know if the store is being run and managed by a bunch of monkeys or what. On previous visits, I have been aggitated by the drinks appearance or the dressing of my burger. Examples, soda all over cup, over use of cherry syrup, full cup of ice with barely any soda, no real fruit in drinks like a cherry Dr. Pepper or a Cherry Limeade. I hate raw onions and I constantly find onions on my sandwiches after asking for none and the receipts showing it was entered correctly.
Tonight, January 3, 2016, I’m overly angry. I worked for Sonic for a decade here in Moberly and helped open a brand new store in Florida when I relocated there. If my crew at either place had put out one product like the above, we would have been reamed over it. The cups I had tonight looked as

if they had been dipped in the ice bins because they are all scraped, violation of health codes. 3 out of 6 drinks were not filled, approximately 1 inch from drink level to the top of cup. Soda calibrations were off on two soda types, root beer and Dr Pepper, the two types we ordered. I found onions on the 2 burgers that had no onions ordered. We ordered 3 of the “2 eat for $9.99″ specials. 5 burgers and 1 foot long Coney were ordered, however a regular 6” Coney was rang in and is what we received.
I love Sonic food but this location is clearly poorly managed, employees poorly trained, etc. Our store used to compete nationally in the Sonic Games. What in the hell happened? I’m far angrier than my language reflects, but I wish to have the complaint heard and not the various curse words I wished to use.

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