I HATE SPRINT!!! Being an ex employee indont understand how Sprint allowed this to their company. For starters everyone is a “supervisor” yea right. I called several times about my $200+ bill FOR ONE SINGLE PHONE LINE! On the 1st call it took the lady 4 hrs to even understand what my concern was. So she noticed i have 2 lines on my account which i dont know how that happened! I HAVE 1 PHONE!!i spoke to a “supervisor ” Roxanne who i later found out was retention So she agreed to remove the mysterious phone line and agreed going forwarded my bill will be $123 a mo satring Oct. Now Oct bill comes out and its $196 with 2f’n phone lines

still! Called customer service and spoke to Taylor he only read my notes that was completely different from my previous conversation nothing we discussed was there! Asked to speak to a supervisor and he claims he was and no one elae was available. After explaining im an ex employee and am familiar with the chain of command he transferred me to Alex a “manager ” who agreed to call the store who messed up and will call back in a hr. She did call me back only to transfer be back to retention who then transferred me back to customer service. Ive been a customer with Sprint for almost 10 years and i will never refer anyone to them since the move customer service has been horrible!!!

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