Sunset Inn & Suites

Absolutely the worst stay ever, anywhere
We went on March 11th through the 14th – was supposed to be a romantic get-away for our 30th anniversary. What a nightmare it was instead. . . we had booked one of the fantasy rooms, the rainforest room Unfortunately, I was in a car accident the week before our trip and was in a leg brace. They won’t give refunds, or guarantee an rescheduled date, so we decided we’d go anyway and enjoy some quiet time, and the hot tub. The hot tub didn’t work, when we got there. My husband called the desk and was told we needed to put more water in it, for it to function. We overflowed the tub and it still didn’t work. OK – we don’t have cable TV, so we’ll watch a movie instead. . . except that just over 1/2 way through the movie, the cable TV went out. . . *sigh* OK, we’ll get on the net on our laptops instead. . . NOPE, internet was down as well. . . (really!?!)
With my leg brace, I could not get in the round bed –

due to the way the “trees” and headboard were located. My leg could not bend to allow me to get in the bed – so I slept 3 nights in a decidedly uncomfortable leather chair with ottoman.
We’re not young, and there was not enough light to read in the room – so you had to go to the bathroom to get enough lighting to read. I know most people in the fanstasy rooms aren’t reading, but it should at least be available!
The continental breakfast was a joke – stale muffins wrapped in cellophane. Nope – we went elsewhere to eat.
The room reeked of cigarette smoke – since IL is a nonsmoking state for public areas, it never occurred to me to ask for a nonsmoking room. Even when we purchased fabreeze and sprayed it liberally, it was too much. We ended up spending more time out and about in the tiny and boring town, than at the hotel.
The front desk was impersonal, inept and not at all helpful.
We had a ruined anniversary and will never recommend this hotel to any of our friends, nor will we return.

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