Sunset Inn & Suites

NOT kid- friendly at all!!!
So a week ago (October 25,2013) I paid for 6 kids to swim at Sunset Inn & Suites in Clinton and later wrote about what a jerk the manager/owner was (ironically his name is Dick)..He came into the pool area yelling and CUSSING at my group of CHILDREN (4 of which were not even my own). Two of the children were under 6 years old. He was irate over my son standing on a raft not knowing the pool rules. We were told the rules but my son was in the restroom and did not hear them. The rules are NOT posted anywhere and the owner kicked him out of the pool with no warning. I went to the front desk to plead his case because he did not know he was doing anything wrong and the owner told me if he did it again we were all kicked out. We put

all the pool toys up after that but did not stay very long because the younger kids were pretty upset to see and hear a stranger yelling at them for no reason. Well when I got home I turned him into the BBB and wrote a review on his Facebook Sunset Inn business page..He got my number off my Facebook page and personally called me..He was extremely angry that I turned him in and wrote about his behavior on Facebook so he banned me for life from Sunset Inn. All in the same breath he claimed to be justified because of his insurance company being strict but then apologized for cursing and yelling. However, he still banned me at the end of our conversation. This place is NOT NOT NOT kid-friendly at all and I have several friends who have also had a bad experience with him when it came to their children as well.

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