What Is A Fitbit?

What is a fitbit?  How to use a fitbit?

Are you wondering what Fitbit is? Well, it’s a wireless device that you wear and will track all your daily activities and thus assisting you meet fitness goals. The device is powered by the leading edge altimeter and accelerometer. Being fit means that you should be active, eat a healthy diet and getting plenty of rest. And hence, the Fit-bit device can assist you do all of this. When awake the device will track your distances, stairs climbed, calories burned and your steps. As you are sleeping at night it will measure what your sleep cycle is and see how you can sleep better. Also, it can wake you up in the morning without waking your spouse. You will be able to up-load your stats with your computer via the internet, or using your IPhone. You will be able to set goals and track your progress with charts and graphs, powered by your stats. You will stay connected with your friends for friendly competitions or for their support, and you can stay motivated by earning badges. 24 hours a day you will be able to log into your food, workouts and a lot more, bring greater fitness into your life- socially and seamlessly.



Plenty of Power for Such a Little Device

With the Fit-bit One Wireless Activity you will supervise your daily activities and the tracker will encourage and empower you by bringing you up to date feed-back that will assist you to be active. The device will track the distance you have traveled, calories burned, the steps you have taken, stairs you have climbed, the quality of sleep and the hours slept. All this will add-up and assist you meet fitness goals. The gadget can capture accurately all day activity that old pedometers cannot.

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The Fit-bit can Paint You a Picture of Your Health

The dash-board on the device is locked full of graphs, charts, and a lot of tools to assist you track your progress and understand your health and fitness. The free mobile-app and customized dash-board can bring all the data to your fingertips. Isn’t that amazing!


So do you want to improve on your health and fitness? You are on the right place. With the Fit-bit device, you will be motivated and have lifetime achievements that you have ever dream of. Try and experience the achievements by yourself.