Cannabis Oil (THC) kills cancer cells!

The video below is one that we can across that was first found on Facebook. This video shows a compound found in cannabis which is THC is killing cancerous cells and thus would basically stop cancer from spreading.

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But also if you watch you will see the THC does not bother the normal cells! This is amazing and to think this is currently federally illegal as well as on a state level expect a few states currently, it is mind boggling how much Marijuana can do for people and so many ways. It is medicine from God, he gave it to us for a reason, but to many people support big companies that make man made medicine that still does not work and that is very harmful. You may have to watch the video a few times to see what is happening but you should very well be able to see that the cannabis is killing the cancer cells and not bothering the other normal cells!


Absolutely amazing!


God is good!

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