Wingate by Wyndham Columbia

Moldy bread in the continental breakfast, argumentative employee, ]insincere or most likely a non-existent GM apology
I’m writing this now before I forget to because it is that serious. Everything with the room was fine. I’ve stayed at Wingate a number of times. 4 nights just last week in Mooresville, NC where I have given high praise. However, my stay here in Columbia, MO was memorable. The room was fine) with very apparent white and green on several slices. I went to tell the lady who was working the breakfast politely, and before even looking, “IT’S NOT MOLDED!” I have no idea why she snapped, but then she checked a few slices and saw the mold on one side and turned it over as if it wasn’t there and repeated herself. So I picked up the bread, and turned the slice over to show her. (I guess she thought I was a baby and would forget that I saw her look at the mold and turn it over.) She said it wasn’t mold. Really? A 5 year old

kid knows what mold looks like. She said, “I know it’s not mold because that’s what it looks like from the factory.” Even more shocked, I realized that there was nothing I could do further with her. I called the desk from my room phone, and spoke with Michelle. Told her the ordeal. She put me on hold. She got back on the phone a very short time later, and said that GM sincerely apologizes about any inconveniences this has caused blah blah blah stock apology. If the GM was right there, why didn’t they just get on the phone? I hate to because I generally like Wingate, but I would not recommend this hotel in Columbia, MO. Additionally, I went back down, and three slices of the moldy bread were still there. She was still there looking on as a guy used his fingers to get the waffle from the iron. I threw my batter cup away and went back to my room to write this review.

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