Wingate by Wyndham Columbia

Dishonest Staff
I’d give zero stars if I could. I booked this hotel through Expedia and paid in full ahead of time. My usual hotel was booked so I ended up here. Upon arrival the folks were friendly. I called the front desk about the odd odor in my room, but they wouldn’t let me move to another room. The next morning I was harassed about checking out. Every time I left the room, housekeeping kept asking me if I was leaving. The general manager didn’t know I was in the hallway when he said “Who’s in that room, they need to get out”. I told him that was my room and it wasn’t even checkout time. Maybe he thought my friend and I we were gay lovers because he said “your kind aren’t welcome here”. There was an ash in the sink that probably fell off our clothes, the staff saw us go outside to smoke. When I called to ask why they charged me, the lady at the front desk said there was an ash in the sink. I asked if there was cigarette smell in the room she said no. When I called the General manager, Mr Bell, he was rude from the get go and said only an ash was in the sink. When I

told him that’s no proof of smoking in the room and that there was no way he smelled cigarettes in there because none had been smoked in there during my stay, then, and only then did he say he smelled it. This is not true as I do not smoke indoors anywhere ever. The video from the hotel shows us going outside to smoke. I should not have been charged because I did not smoke in my room. I want my money back. He assumed we were gay lovers, even though we weren’t, and he was visibly upset that we were waiting to check out until check out time. I believe that is why he charged me and made up the story about the smoke. I travel a lot and stay in a lot of hotels. I have never experienced the level of insult this manager has shown me. I’m glad I recorded the conversation, but every time I listen I get so mad at his lies and rude comments. If rude and unprofessional is the kind of management they want, they sure succeeded. Disgusting! Discriminated against for being gay when I’m not even gay! I will never stay here or any affiliated hotel again.

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