100% FREE Family Tree History Search!

I came across this website last year and I wanted to make some notes about it here on my website so I could always find it and also help others that are looking for one that works well and that is free…. This will help you find all your ancestors, and it can go WAY WAY back in the day!  I will put some images below of how far I am getting my family tree to go back. It is mind blowing, yet very cool.


I will note that you need to be patient and take some time to get started with the tree, you will need to talk to your parents or if they are not living try to do research, but this family tree will begin to fill itself out for you once you have yourself added to the tree, your parents added, and then their parents added (your grandparents)  Once you get that far it should automatically fill out the tree from then on for you, not sure how it is possible, but I am able to get mine to go all the way back like you would not believe, below I will post some pictures for you to see! Check it out!

Again, this website is 100% FREE or I would not say it was, or at least it has been free for a couple years and as of today 10/6/2016 it is still free, so if you come across this I hope it is still free for you and you can make some awesome use of it!  Enjoy!

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Enjoy FAMILY SEARCH because I searched FOREVER to find one that was actually worked and that was free above all!



This goes WAY back!






Now sure how legit this is once you start getting back this far, but still very interesting!