Awesome Shade Trees

If you are looking for some of the best shade trees, the. Boy oh boy do I have good news for you! I am going to share to you some awesome info about the best shade trees that you can plant for shade at your home!

When it comes to making shade, patience is going to be required no matter what. Sure you can buy a larger tree, but the larger the tree, the longer the tree takes to establish itself. The longest the tree takes to establish itself means the tree will grow slow or not at all during that period. Trees that are planted that are 6’ tall already might take 2 or 3 years to establish itself. Most want instant shade but if we are to be honest, unless you buy a 20ft tree for a few thousand dollars, you are going to need to wait. But with proper care, you can help your tree meet its fastest growth and healthiness.

If you give your tree to much water, you can drown it and cause root rot, if you don’t water your tree enough, it can dry out and die. So how the heck do you know how much to water your tree? It’s also important to know when to fertilize or not to fertilize, how much sun your tree needs, where your tree can grow or not grow, & how deep to plant your tree. There is lots of good info about growing trees and plants over at Weaver Family Farms Nursery website

It is important that you care for your new shade tree to the best of your ability to give it the best chance for survival and to grow good. Many do not know this, but think for a moment about a tree growing from seed in a forest area, how does that tree make it without human interaction, but if I buy and plant a tree it needs my help! If the tree is bigger shouldn’t that mean it is stronger and smarter and can take care of itself? Wrong.

Actually, those small trees make it so well because younger plants and trees can establish themselves much quicker than large trees. Usually the smaller the tree or plant, the quicker it will grow new roots and become established. We recommend that you typically want to start with a smaller tree from the start.

Awesome shade tree #1 Red Maple

Awesome Shade Trees
Red maple tree

The red maple is very well known across the United States and other parts of the world. Although there are tons of variety’s of trees maple trees, you can’t go wrong with a good grown from seed native red maple tree! Quicker growing and beautiful fall color!

Awesome Shade Tree #2 Sugar Maple

Awesome Shade Trees
Sugar maple tree

The sugar maple has to be one of the best shade trees that exist, however unfortunately it has been forgotten by many. In today’s world everyone wants everything fast because we live in a fast moving world. The sugar maple usually only grows about 12” per year in good conditions and can sometimes be a little hard to grow when young, but as this tree gets older it doesn’t only have hard wood which makes it a strong tree, but it is also beautiful with an assortment of fall colors and makes a great large shade tree.

Awesome Shade Tree #3 Silver Maple

Awesome Shade Trees
Silver maple tree

Now, while many might take some crap from others about planting the silver maple tree, it is without a doubt still very popular and widely used. Many consider the silver maple tree to be invasive because when it’s older and drops it’s helicopter seeds, you can have hundred of silver maple tree sprouts everywhere in your yard. They are also known to usually have weaker wood that can break in a storm so you don’t want to plant this right next to your home or other buildings. The silver maple can easily grow 3 to 6ft per year under good conditions and it is probably one of the easiest trees to grow and intact some consider it somewhat hard to kill.

Awesome Shade Tree #4 Tulip Poplar

Awesome Shade Trees
Tulip poplar tree

Tulip poplar trees grow native all over the USA and are pretty fast growing trees. They have a very unique looking leaf and make excellent shade when they get tall which usually doesn’t take very long. They get their name from the beautiful looks they give in the spring that makes the tree appear to be covered in tulips!

Awesome Shade Tree #5 Pin Oak

Awesome Shade Trees
Pink oak tree

The pin oak grows in a neat shape and can easily be spotted when looking into a forest of trees. It grows on a neat cone shape that fits this tree well. It does have acorns but they are some of the smallest acorns of the oak trees so they usually do not pose a hazard to you. The pink oak can grow nearly anywhere and it grows pretty fast, and it is also somewhat strong. Something neat about pink oaks is often they will hold onto some of the dead leaves all the way through winter, which is usually for a deciduous tree, but still kinda cool.

For now, this is going to be the end of this list, we could go on all day about awesome shade trees that you can plant, but if you go to Weaver Family Farms Nursery’s website you will find lots of good info and many good shade trees that they mail right to your home! They are actually super affordable too.

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