Stump Farm Puppies – REVIEW

Stump Farm Puppies –

this is my review on Stump Farm Puppies  – hope it helps you in making a decision about getting your next little friend!




In today’s world everyone out there is always looking to get money. There are so many breeders in the world that care about money over doing things correctly, and over the health and well being of the animals, after years and years my family found the best place, matter of fact the ONLY place we will ever buy a puppy – and that is from Stump Farm Puppies Too. Cindi & Barbi are the two owners (mother and daughter) and together they have been raising dogs for years and years. They are what I consider experts. They always put the well being and make sure the dogs are healthy over money. Money is important and needed to live – but making sure a living being – this this case dogs and puppies are the most important. Stump Farm Puppies & Stump Farm Puppies Too dogs are treated with tons of respect and care. I have been there multiple time myself and purchased puppies from there myself, and others in my family has bought puppies there.

Cindi Stump has been doing this for nearly 30 years as of 2015 and is a licensed breeder. She actually cares about the dogs she raises, they always have food, water, sun light, and get tons of exercise and get to run for hours daily – not many breeders left that even let their dogs out of the kennel to run. Having a license to be a dog breeder in Missouri is a huge deal and a great accomplishment. Missouri is known as the puppy mill state and over the recent years Missouri laws have become very harsh on breeders and they have shut down many. It is a big deal to be a license and have random inspections 365 days a year – but Stump Farm Puppies Too does it all very well and that is why it is the only place I will go for a puppy. They are not a huge business where dogs are numbers, each dog is handled with care and is always healthy. Also every dog there has a name – because dogs are important.

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There are many people who think breeding dogs makes alot of money – your wrong. Think of the cost of the state approved buildings cost, the food and water to each dog, having the every dog get a check up from the vet multiple times per year, worming all the dogs and making sure they all have shots, plus all of that has to be done to each and every puppy that is born as well. Also when I got my recent puppy whose name is Ellie from there I got a little toy, and all the paperwork for her since she is a pure breed poodle and also got a book about training puppies and care for them, Cindi gives everyone that gets a puppy from her all of that stuff just to help you out and to say thank you. Once again it is the only place I will ever go to get a puppy in the future – the dogs are all happy, treated great and live a great life.

I strongly encourage you to check out their website to read and see more about them – also they may have puppies available currently if you are interested!


Oh and also…. the pictures on this page are REAL actual dogs that are awesome and happy dogs from Stump Farm Puppies Too – I have met and seen these dogs in real life and love them!