The Best, Easy Way To Rip DVD’s To Your PC

Today, ripping DVD’s for your own person backup has become extremely simple if you have the right software/freeware to do so.  There are 2 pieces of software you need to do this, one is called Magic DVD Copier/Ripper.


CLICK HERE to download Magic DVD Ripper/Magic DVD Copier

Magic Dvd Copier does cost money, but once you buy it, then it is good for a lifetime, but there is always a way around everything, someone did put time into making this awesome program and its around 50 dollars or less, but if you seriously cannot afford it, then you can use a serial key to use this software for free once you have it downloaded. CLICK HERE to get the serial product key for free.

The Best, Easy Way To Rip DVD’s To Your PC

This program is super simple to use, simply put in the movie you would like to back up or copy – Choose whether you would like to save the content of the DVD to your computer, or copy it to a disc. Then click start and you will have all the files for the movie, it is really that freak’n simple!


Now I did say you needed 2 programs, and the only reason I say that is because when you use Magic dvd ripper, for example if your trying to rip a whole movie to your computer, it will make around 5-6 different video files which can be a pain to deal with, I wrote another article on how you can combine all those video files back into one file for your movie, instead of having many different files just to play one movie —>>> CLICK HERE  <<<— to get this program for FREE


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