The Best Tourist Destinations In Africa

Africa is the best tourist destination in the world due to its rich heritage, recognition and culture. There are places in Africa that are popular and worth visiting. Below are the best destinations.

Omo River Region in Ethiopia. The region is home to more than fifty tribes that have maintained their traditional customs and beliefs. The region is inaccessible by vehicles and located in a very remote area.

Zanzibar is a fascinating destination located in the Indian Ocean. It has unbelievably beautiful beaches. It has an old age history of slave trade and ivory trading and is classified by UNESCO as one of the biggest attractions. Traditional houses, a sultan’s palace and the many mosques are a perfect view when visiting Zanzibar.


Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania has placed the country among the best attractions in Africa. It is the largest mountain in Africa. Tourists are able to enjoy mountain hiking by ascending to the highest point in Africa.

Virunga Mountains in DRC is an exceptional destination and is home to the mountain gorillas whose population ranges between 350 and 700. The place is best suited for life adventures full of challenges this is the best place to be. The mountain is located inside the Virunga National Park and encompasses on six volcanoes.The Best Tourist Destinations In Africa

Marrakech in Morocco, which is the second largest city in the country, is located at the foot of the ice covered Atlas Mountains. The city has an enchanting and rich history best suited for archeologists.


The great Migration in Tanzania is the most spectacular view in the world. The thunder of hooves on dirt as a million plus wildebeests and thousands of zebras making their annual migration is the top pile an adventurer won’t want to miss. The migration is an annual event where these animals move from the Tanzania’s Ngoro Ngoro Reserve up through the Serengeti to Kenya’s Masai Mara national reserve. This migration takes place in September before the animals start journeying south again. The tourists are able to interact with the historic and entertaining Masai community, who are among the tribes in Kenya that have maintained their culture over the years

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