Travel Branson, Mo

Branson, Missouri has always been one of my favorite places to visit, I try to get there every year that I can, in fact I have been there every year since I was just a few years old, always going with my family.




First of all – Branson is in the Ozarks which is some of the most beautiful area in Missouri in my opinion!




The best time to go I would have to say is in the fall, especially since fall is my favorite season and everything in Branson has a fall theme, I love it! I have been to Branson in all the seasons and I choose fall not only because it is my favorite season, but because in summer it is pretty hot and I am not a fan of hot weather and in the winter, many of the fun things to do there are closed down until spring comes and it warms back up….

Why do I like Branson?  Why does anyone like Branson?  There is so much history to learn about, it is a very family orientated place to go, and there is something to do for everyone and you will not run out of things to do when you go! I Like to go for at least 5 days at a time just so i can do everything that are my favorite things to do which are go see some of the best shows, ride go carts, play lots of mini golf, and see many other cool things and see the landscape which is awesome!  I have made a list below of the things that I love to do that are also very popular that many other people also love!   At the bottom of the page I will also post a link for a good place to go online and print off free coupons to help save you money on some of the best things you need to do when you go to Branson!


This list is not in any specific order… if they are on the list then they are things you must do while in Branson!!!

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1. Ride The Ducks

download (2)

One thing you may not do everytime you go to Branson, but something that you for sure want to do at least once in your life time! What are the ducks? They are large machines that can go on land or water, cool right?  Yes!  Anyone of any age can ride on the ducks, you get to tour some of branson and see tons of the most beautiful landscape that you will ever see! Then you get to go down a slope and into the water and get to tour the lake! It is a very fun time and something you must do if you go to Branson!

download (1)


2. Go Carts

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There are many different places where you can ride go carts in Branson, but one of the largest, most crazy, yet most popular places to ride go carts there are at “The Track” locations all throughout Branson right along the strip! There are go carts you can ride and speed on a small scale race track, or for those of you that are most daring you can ride on tracks that go way up in the air! Don’t believe it?  Check out the pictures and go try them yourself!  Not only can you ride go carts but most of the track locations has some mini golf courses, bumper boats, kids rides, inside arcade and much more!

download (3)







3. Shows

there are many shows in Branson, it is known as one of the most popular places for live country music in the world! So many shows to choose from with good music and live comedy that is for everyone of all ages! Since there are to many to list I will tell you some of my favorite from the ones that I have been to and I will let you choose where you want to go!

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The Baldknobbers  – Great live country music with great live comedy!



The Presleys – Great live comedy and country music!

download (5)



The Six Show – Six brothers that do everything accapella! They do all their music with just their six voices live! Plus they are all funny!


The Dixie Stampede  – Awesome indoor arena with many animals, comedy, great food all to make one big awesome show you cannot miss!dolly-dixie-stampede


4. Silver Dollar City

images (1)

silver dollar city is a family theme part with so many different things to do! Great food, tons of things to walk around and see or do, many rides to ride like coasters and more! It also takes you back into time while you there and you can see things like someone making candles, and so much more!

download (6)

For sure a place you need to visit at least once! But make sure to plan for this to take up your whole day!

images (3)images (2)


5. Mini Golf And Regular Golf

Branson has some of the best golf courses and mini golf courses you will ever see!

Below are a few pictures from some of the best places to golf!

download (7)download (8)


There are even places to play mini golf inside!

download (9)


That concludes the list of the top things that I can think of to do while at Branson! Don’t forget there are a ton of great places to eat!

Make sure to book your hotel as far in advance as you can because Branson is a popular place, you will want a hotel right on the strip inside town (country blvd)  Also the day you get there go ahead and get your tickets for each day on the day you get there or get them all online before you go!


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