black market bbq – high prices

We compare everything we ever eat to something we have eaten before. I grew up in the south. I went expecting a delivery of BBQ. I have eaten here twice and both times were pretty terrible experiences. I love ribs. Ribs are my goto thing. The ribs both times I ordered were terribly dry, and not “blackened” but straight up burnt. When you bite into ribs they should be fall off the bone, melt in the mouth with a hint of crispy BBQ on the outside making you want to eat every bite of meat off the bone savoring every delicious morsel. This is not what I received. Overcooked. Tough. Both times I ordered a full rack, both times I ate only about 1/4 of

them and gave them away to my kids, who ate them, but said it left a bitter taste in their mouth afterwards. Burnt? Yes. Burnt. The prices are quite considerable as well for the quality you receive. In my previous hometown I lived between four competing BBQ restaurants. And you could pick any of the four and have so good cheap BBQ that every time you got paid you would be tossing to see where you were going. The whole family could eat for 30$ and have leftovers. Maybe thats what Black Market BBQ is missing? Competition to push it to be great. I wont be going back. It cost me 45$ for just me and the wife. We fed the kids something else entirely.

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