Ferrell Gas Customer Service Review: A Disappointing Experience

Expectations vs. Reality in Customer Service

When dealing with any service provider, especially in utilities like propane, customers expect clear communication and professional support. Unfortunately, my recent experience with Ferrell Gas fell significantly short of these expectations. Screenshots of the entire chat posted at this bottom of this review article.

The Issue: Unexpected Billing and Rigid Policies

A Surprising Past Due Bill

The situation began with an unexpected past due bill from Ferrell Gas for tank rental, a charge we were unaware of. This was particularly confusing as the tank was connected to our existing propane tank, which we own.

Higher Prices Compared to Competitors

Adding to the frustration, Ferrell Gas’s propane prices were noticeably higher, almost 10 to 20 cents per gallon, compared to local competitors like MFA. When purchasing large quantities, such as 700 gallons, this price difference is substantial.

Customer Service Experience: Unprofessional and Unhelpful

Interaction with Stacey D

The customer service representative, Stacey D, was unhelpful and unprofessional during our online chat. Her approach was demanding, and she placed the blame on us for not receiving the bill. Her attitude was far from what one would expect from a customer service professional.

Confusing Policies and Restrictions

Stacey D informed us that we were not allowed to fill our own tank without also filling Ferrell Gas’s tank. This policy was not only confusing but also impractical, given our ownership of the connected tank.

A Service Falling Short of Standards

In conclusion, my experience with Ferrell Gas was far from satisfactory. The unexpected billing, higher prices, and particularly the customer service interaction left a lot to be desired. The lack of professionalism and clarity in their policies only added to the frustration. It’s crucial for service providers, especially in essential services like propane, to maintain high standards in customer relations, something that was markedly absent in this instance.

The Ferrellgas website provides a comprehensive overview of their services but does not specifically list all the areas they serve in Missouri or near the 65239 Cairo MO zip code. For detailed information about service areas in Missouri, it would be best to contact Ferrellgas directly or use their website’s feature to find a location by entering a specific zip code. This way, you can get accurate and up-to-date information about their service coverage in your area.

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