Chicago Athletic Association

I was so incredibly excited for this room until we called to see if we could check in early while ten minutes away. They told us that we can ask when we arrived if there was a room available. I explained we were only ten minutes away and didn’t want to have to go through downtown if there wasn’t a room. Well, after some huffing and puffing from the woman on the phone, there was a room available but the customer service went from awesome to pretty rude. Our room – we had to walk th rough the game room with our luggage to get to the elevator and at 5pm on a Saturday, it’s not an empty place. Our room was tiny and faced a brick building, the sink clogged, the temperature

was never right, the shower took over a minute to change temp after moving the lever, you have to go downstairs for coffee because the room it too small for a coffee maker, and we woke up to garbage trucks running from 8am to 1pm. Upon checking out the man asked how our stay was and I said not good, and took s minute to explain some things. I got an “awe that’s too bad.” Thanks so much for the awful stay. Your hotel is super awesome, has wonderful restaurants and a cool game room, but the stay was awful, the rooms are terrible, and the customer service is terrible. Do yourself a favor and don’t stay here, stay somewhere else and just visit this hotel.

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