My Computer Is Being To Slow! Help Me!

As you use computers, there are chances
that you run into some challenges in due course of time. There are many common
problems that you would face, one of the most common beings that your computer
starts functioning slowly. Let us discuss on few of the major reasons for
the slack in your system’s performance and how we can resolve them.

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Back ground programs: This is one of the common reasons
for your computer to work slowly. Programs running in the background would
use up the resources there by affecting the processing times. Remove any of
the programs which start automatically when you start the system. Also, do
check if any of the antivirus programs are scanning your computer in the background
. You can check the programs that are running in the background and
the memory they are consuming by getting into Task Manager.

Temp files: These files are saved on the hard
drive after you run a program. You can delete these Temporary files by using
the Windows Disk Cleanup option. Deleting the temp files would help to improve
the performance of your computer. The Temp files can also be deleted using the
“Run” option. Type %temp% in the run and delete the temp files that are

Cluttered and full Hard disk: It is
advisable to have at least 200MB – 500 MB of hard disk free. Check the folders
and files on the hard disk and delete files that are not needed, which will
help to free up the disk space.
My Computer Is Being To Slow! Help Me!
Virus and Malware: Virus and Malware can severely affect your
computer. In this age of internet connectivity, the virus attacks have become
more common. It is advised to have a very good Anti-Virus or Anti malware
program installed and running on your computer. This would help to detect any
of these problems and clean up.

Upgrading Drivers and Memory: Ensure
that you are updating the latest drivers for your hardware. Having an out dated
driver would affect the performance of the system apart from other problems.

It is good to upgrade your memory every two years to keep pace with the updates to the
system and programs. Having enough memory will help computers to run the
programs effectively without any lag.

Corrupted or a fragmented hard drive: A
corrupted hardware could affect the overall functioning of the computer. It is
advised to Run Scan Disk to check for any challenges with the hard disk.
Running a Defrag program would help to identify a fragmented hard disk and help
arrange the date correctly.

It is advised to properly shut down 
your computer when not in use and ensure that the system updates are run when
prompted for. For any of the challenges try rebooting your system.

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