Dish network TV

So i have had dish for 2 years. Always paid my bill on time. Signed up amd got the 2 year price lock and our bill was about 60 dollars per month. Now that it ended after the 2 years, and we were enjoying dish network, i called in to get in a new 2 year contract. I am furious because tbey want me to pay 122 a month now for the same stuff! They give new customers these cheap deals to suck you in but the loyal long time paying customers get kicked to the curb with high prices! If anything, after 2 years you price should go down or at least get to stay the same! Not double! I even told them i was gonna cancel and they did not care, they started the cancelation process right then. Im WOWed right now they do this. Domt get sucked into the new customer 2 year dish network price locl unless after 2 years you want to get a new tv company or dont mind your bill doubling! Good luck

This is my honest review of dish network tv

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