DJI Phantom Drone Flight – Keytesville, MO – 11/27/16

another flight, sadly it was a rainy day so a little dark, however the video still turned out pretty good.   I have now had this a few days, after having many other drones that were cheaper one, I go this on black Friday at Walmart for about $450 dollars after tax and that was also $40 dollar 3 year warranty, the actual price of the drone was $360. Got it November 24th, 2016.   The camera goes up to 2.7k and it looks pretty dang good, even 1080p which this video is in is really good. This is pretty easy to fly and has a great overall range!  It also flys about 33 miles per hour.

Video was recorded using a DJI Phantom 3 Standard Drone.



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