Donald Trump | Great President Ever

So much hate for this man, and it’s something I cannot understand. Sure, he can be arrogant, annoying, rude, etc. absolutely. We all have flaws. But racist? Homophobic? And so on, not a chance. If you think Trump is any of those, you have been brain washed. Open your eyes to clearly see the truth. Do you own research! CNN and others are feeding you full of total BS. Donald Trump will become a two term president in just about 5 weeks from now.

Donald Trump

There are many things we now know about Donald J Trump for a fact. He does care about the American people, he has accomplished so much for us, imagine how much more he could accomplish if the democrats would work with him instead of constantly, daily try to attack him. Why do they do it? You either like Trump or hate Trump. One thing is certain. Donald Trump loves America, and without a doubt will defeat joe Biden on November 3rd 2020, 5 weeks from now.

This man cares. This man cares about America. He has a big heart but we is tough and puts America first.
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