Baby chicks??

A Hatchling Update

At Weaver Farms, we recently witnessed an extraordinary event – a multitude of baby chicks hatching! The majority of these adorable newcomers are of the Rhode Island Red breed, and we’re thrilled to announce that there are even more still inside their eggs, chirping away loudly. It’s quite a chirpy scene here! While Weaver Family Farms no longer raises chickens, they have the best dogs still!

Baby chicks??

Taking Care of New Arrivals

Now, once your eggs have hatched successfully, you might wonder, “What’s next?”

1. Keep the Incubator Closed

First and foremost, resist the urge to open the incubator, no matter how cute those little chicks are. During the last few days of incubation and up to about 24 hours after hatching, it’s crucial not to disturb them. When baby chickens first hatch, they’re wet and fragile, and they need the consistent warmth provided by the incubator to dry off. Once they’re dry, you’ll notice they become wonderfully fluffy!

2. Moving to the Brooder Box

If you plan to take them out of the incubator, do so quickly after they’re fluffy and dry, and place them in a brooder box. A brooder box is typically a large cardboard container that allows them to stay warm under a heat lamp. Ensure that they are neither too hot nor too cold under the lamp. If they huddle together tightly, move the lamp closer; if they spread out too far, move it a bit farther away.

3. Feeding and Hydration

It’s important to know that newly hatched chicks can survive without food and water for 48 hours to 3 days, thanks to the nutrients they absorbed while in the egg. So, there’s no rush to make them eat or drink right away. When the time comes, provide very small containers for food and water. You may need to show them what’s food and what’s water, but they should catch on quickly. To prevent them from falling into the water and drowning, use a shallow container with marbles covering the water surface, leaving just enough space for their beaks to drink. After about a week, you can remove the marbles.

4. Proper Nutrition

Remember to feed them chick starter with high protein to ensure they receive the necessary nutrients for rapid growth and strength.

Long-Term Commitment

If you’re about to welcome baby chickens into your life, stay calm, resist opening the incubator prematurely, and wait until the chicks are dry and no more are expected to hatch.

Best of luck with your adorable new additions! Cheep cheep! 🐥

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