fake puppy scam

i run a website where people can sell dogs online, I found out they were using my website and were posting scams for fake dogs which I do not tolerate, not sure how they planned to get away with this… Below is the email that I sent to their email they had on account with all the many things they have done wrong as well as raised many red flags for us to look into it! Be aware!

We are sorry to inform you this, however you account on our website is being permanently banned for suspicious activity/scam matters. Your listings appear to have pictures pulled from popular search engines, your phone number has been flagged multiple times for selling fake dogs, your website address is not a real website, it is located on a free/very cheap hosting plan, all your puppy listings are based on different states, your websites does not include your name, no contact information because a contact form, your ip address is not anywhere near your advertised locations. When you sign up you agree to our terms and we do not put up with this kind of misleading information to scam people. Do not try to ever make a new account on our website, we keep personal relations with all the users on our website and scams/spam will not be tolerated.

this persons listed email

this persons listed phone number

this persons listed website

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