Four Seasons Inn

We booked a jacuzzi room for our weekend stay. The first room we discovered horrible water pressure, ran out of hot water before the bottom of the jacuzzi was even filled, and then realized that it wasn’t holding water at all. Since there was no phone in the room, I went down and informed the attendant and was told to move rooms. The next room had more hot water, however it still took 30 minutes for the jacuzzi to

fill up. We dealt with it. Breakfast the next morning was disappointing. Egg patties? No meat. Biscuits and gravy was okay. They ran out of waffles so we didn’t get any. Ended up going out for breakfast. When we returned to the room, we were horrified to find a roach on the sink. The location was great and staff was friendly but the hotel itself was extremely poor. We will not be staying here again.

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