Grandma Donna’s Ole Roll Recipe

These rolls have the perfect taste!  This recipe also works good just if you want some good bread or even to pizza crust depending on how you choose to bake it, but the recipe below is for hot rolls!

Grandma Donna’s Ole Roll Recipe

1 Package Of  Yeast
2 Cups Of Warm Water
2/3 Cups Sugar
2/3 Cup Crisco Shortening 
2 eggs
6 Cups Of Flour
1 Teaspoon Of Salt
Vegetable Oil

Pre-heat Oven to 450 once you are ready to bake.

First, dissolve and stir the pack of yeast into the 2 cups of water.

Next mix your sugar, shortening until its very smooth, and then add your 2 eggs together, use a mixer and mix it all up very well.

Then you will want to mix your salt with your flour – 6 to 7 cups of flour to make sure the dough is decently thick like bread dough should be! Sometimes it takes closer to 6 cups of flour and sometimes closer to 7 cups of flour, so start with 6 and then add a little bit more if you need to but you should never need more than 7 cups. You are just wanting that perfect dough texture. (Note: One way to tell if you have enough flour added is to touch the dough and your finger should not stick to the dough, but you also do not want to add to much or your rolls will be tough)

Set the dough in a warm area and allow the dough to rise. After it has risen once, you can put it in the fridge, or you can go ahead and shape your rolls and put them into the pan, and let them rise a second time.

Then you can put the dough into shape carefully and start putting them into your pan you want to bake them in. For this kind of hot rolls you will want to make a ball and place them an inch apart in the pan,  then when they bake, you will have your old fashion hot roll style rolls.

Bake until brown at 450 degrees

Note: Once you get to the part where you have the rolls in your oven pan and they have risen ONCE in room temperature/warm air, you can cover them and put them in the fridge also if you need to for a day or so, then when you are ready later on you can uncover them, and set them out to rise a second time – and then you can bake them!



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