Weaver’s Orange Salad Recipe

This is yummy orange fruity salad that I have loved since I was a kid!  My mom has always made it for family gatherings and many other things and still to this day I love it! Anyone of any age will love this!

Weaver’s Orange Salad Recipe

2 Packs Of Orange Jello
2 Packs Cook-n-serve Tapioca Pudding
2 packs Cook-n-serve Vanilla Pudding
6 Cups Of Water
16 Ounces Of Cool Whip
2 Cans Of Mandarin Oranges

Mix the jello, pudding, and water in a sauce pan and heat until it starts to bubble. Make sure to constantly stir the mixture.  After it starts to boil, then take it off the heat and allow it to cool. 

Next drain your your cans of oranges, and then dice them up into whatever size pieces you want to use (I tend to like the pieces when they are much smaller over bigger).

Once you have diced and drained them, go ahead and add to your mixture you heated up as well as add your whip cream.  Mix it up and stir everything together, chill it for around an hour or for longer if you want to, then it is ready to eat!



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