How To Make Your Own Outdoor Outlet Protector

Okay… So you have outlets outside that may or may not be water proof. You just have the outlets outside in the weather – problems could occur – you could end up frying everything you have plugged in to the outlet, you could get shocked, you could fry the outlet and much more. Do not leave your outlets just out in the weather.

We have a simple solution for you to protect those outlets and from the weather and still be able to have things plugged in to it. Watch the video below we show you how step by step!

When the rain comes, and the snow comes, you really NEED to have the ends of your extension cords, wires, and other things with electricity covered at all times! In this video I will show you how to make a protector you can sit outside and run all the ends of your cords into that are plugged in to keep the rain and snow off of your cords! The total cost of this is about 5 bucks, assuming you have a way to cut a hole in plastic….

This is also great to use in work shops to keep your saw dust from getting into the outlets on your cables to help you to prevent from starting an unwanted fire!

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