New but not exciting

There’s nothing about this place that stands out other than its location. At this end of town there’s not a lot of choices for dining establishments.
Fiesta is clean and friendly, but the food is exactly the same as all the other Mexican dining places within a 20-mile radius. In fact, a good portion of the staff was employed by the other establishments in town not too long ago. So, what you get is the exact same food, in selection, preparation and presentation served by the exact same staff you’ve seen around town for years. Nothing new in choice for margaritas, nothing new in entrees or appetizers, nothing new in pricing, nothing new

in your experience… it’s all the same.
That’s not to say Fiesta is “bad”; I’m merely suggesting if you are like me and had the impression that Fiesta would be “different” as well as being the new kid in town, you’ll be sorely disappointed.
The good news is, if you are in this end of town and don’t feel up to waiting the (worthwhile) 45 minutes to an hour for a seat at Lula’s, you only have to drive two blocks to Fiesta to get your belly filled.
To sum it up? Fiesta is, in a word, “meh”.

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