NextScripts Auto Poster (HELP!) No One Can See My Posts!

So I recently got the PRO version of the Auto Poster that is made by next scripts, and I was having a problem… No matter what I did, even though I had everything I thought to set up perfectly, every time it posted a post to Facebook for me, it was getting ZERO views! So finally I decided to log into someone else’s profile that I know, and they could not see any of these auto posts directly from my page!  So that put up a red flag for me and from there I knew there was some setting wrong, even though it showed me the post was set to the public after each one was posted, really it WAS NOT!


When you go through and set up the plugin and get it configured, you have to click a link to verify your Facebook account, and it will ask if it’s ” okay for this plugin to post on your behalf”  well of course, but I have seen that message so many times I just flew through it and clicked OK, also the next screen was the problem, it asks who do you want to be able to see your posts?  and it was set to ONLY ME!  Somehow it got changed because always before it was set to public by default, so that small issue became a big problem for me for OVER A WEEK!  Hopefully this will fix your problem!!

NextScripts Auto Poster (HELP!)  No One Can See My Posts!

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