My Online Trading Adventure

A good friend and I started doing online binary trading, he has took over a year of his time and spent lots of money with trading to learn how to be a good trader, I am learning from him daily and well as spending some extra time here and there teaching myself bits at a time of what I can. The system we have worked out and the partnership we have is PRICELESS.



He is now after 2 weeks very good with trading binary online since we started at the very end of July 2016 this year! He does all the trading and keeps up with the charts and the market. I on the other help him decide what to risk sometimes, how much and when, although he does most of the time. I also am in control of doing the taxes for our partnership, getting and controlling documents, keeping up with bank account info, talking to support for specific reasons which sometimes i spend hours a day doing for many reasons when trading online, also we used my money to start up because I had such faith in our partnership and knew we were going to do big things as long as we stick together even when things get rough and never give up!  As starting with trading I used about the last $100.00 dollars I had to my name to get us started, and the start was pretty rough, losing some good trades and winning some of the smaller ones, but then after a couple days of that and going through a rough patch for about 2 weeks from starting until today, and having a terrible experience using trade thunder (click here to read my review on trade thunder online trading site) we are going to pull through and things are getting better and better daily! Lots of improvement from us both already after the first 2 weeks of starting!   Below from start to up to date, I am going to post how far we get in this crazy online trading adventure where near only 5% of traders are successful, and even the best traders that have made millions can easily lose THOUSANDS within minutes on a single trade!  Here we go!





we have started with the last $100.00 dollars I had to my name at the time with which is a site that hurt us and slowed us down alot, that we moved away from – but it will not stop us and so far I am happy that It didn’t!


CLICK HERE to read my review on trade thunder to understand the full story but to make a long story a short story, I ended up finding $200.00 more dollars after our first week or starting, the system glitched and made us lose a huge trade and put out balance back down to $350.00 dollars which is still $50 dollars in profit so at least we did not lose, and then moving from trade thunder to a new trading site called CToptions. with the $350.00 dollars we ended up with even though its just 300 because trade thunder still has not paid us the last 50 dollars they promised they would send fast.


now we finally have been able to move from trade thunder with our small first 2 weeks profit of $50 dollars after trade thunders system screwed us and their slow withdraws, 2 days ago on Monday we started on CToptions online trading site with $300.00 dollars.   So far trading as went awesome!  Below is a screenshot of one of the good trades that took place that has now put our balance way up!  We are now going to shoot for a minimum of $1,000 dollar balance by this Friday just 2 days away, which may or may not happen because my friend that does most of the trading is having laptop issues and is waiting for his laptop to be fixed before he can start doing good trades again, I would fix it for him but he lives in Florida and I live in Missouri so that is not to possible, especially since we are both broke and living on the edge daily! But we will over come this! But as of now we are $500 dollars up from our starting balance in 2 days here on August 10th, 2016 using CToptions.  Also today I put in for my first withdraw of $250.00 dollars using a wire transfer, since this company is located in Europe, they require some very weird information to do withdraws so I am very nervous until I get that money in my bank considered I had to use account numbers, bank number, routing numbers, swift codes and more which I have never used before so I will be excited and relieved when I get that first $250.00 withdraw from this site….. if things keep going well and we keep rising up, we plan to move to a company called Nadex that is located here in the USA that has great phone support and easy to withdraw money to my American bank account here because it is here in the USA also.


below is a screenshot as our balance went from $300.00 to $800++ on just Monday and Tuesday alone.


below is an Image of some of the good trade that helped us get to where we are today at that 800.00 dollar balance, of course we lost some trades, that happens daily, but below you will see a few of our good trades bang, bang, bang in a row! The small number on the right is the amount we risked to trade with which goes as this – 98, 56, 56, 400 dollar trades.  All of those trades are won and on the very right you will see the payouts for winning those.  $170.52, $97.44, 96.32, $704




some of my first trades by myself (Daxon) this is my second day of doing some small trades with trade thunder as I am still learning and using small amounts of money since I am a newbie myself, while my friend is mostly the PRO…. I am not starting off to bad though! Thank God!

good trades by daxon



these screenshots below are some of my trading (Daxon) trades on my day 3, I had 10 wins in a row, yes the amounts are small but I’m a super newbie! Small win totals but killing it with wins!daxon day 3 trading first day using candle charts

daxon day 3 trading first day using candle charts 2


(early morning) 8/30/2016

Since me and my friend Rajab are working hard together I am now on about week 3 still learning, and my friend Rajab now has well over a years trading experience. We FINALLY found a good company for trading online, i did a test withdraw back to my card I funded with and I got the withdraw in just TWO DAYS! Very excited about that!

Below you will see my image of my first day using real money (not a demo account) with my new strategy that is doing pretty well for me so far! The second image is Rajab on a demo account doing real trades and absolutely KILLING it!  Doing amazing!  To bad we do not have tons of cash to start out with or we would already be rich instead of using a real account with only 150 dollars to trade with!  This is a long road but we are here to win!

As stated above, losing money to two other scam companies that was Trade Thunder and CToptions, we got just a bit of money from those sites then the support disappeared and they refused to pay so we moved the bit of cash we got out over to this new company called Markets World that I know for a fact pays and it highly trusted and rated! Basically having to start over, but what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!

My (Daxon – week 3) trading –

8-30-2016 using new strategy REAL MONEY

Rajab’s (year 2) trading –




could not sleep as usual, decided to get some more trades and improved my trading and strategy, and it works GREAT!  Won 4 out of 5 trades, still on my third week trading so i am very proud. Today was able to start taking bigger trades because I ended up putting 1,000 dollars in my trade account to trade with, the more you have, the bigger trades you can afford to take with risk, and more profits you can make! So you see my trades are now bigger than 1-5 dollar trades, stepping it up to 10-30 dollar trades now!  As of ending this night (early morning) from the 1,100 started at today the balance is now $1,371.41 so its time to move up hard, no going back now! the blow trades are very early morning at like 1-4 am central time USA

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Same day late at night – from about 8 pm to about 11 pm on and off I won 8 out of 10 trades! again another happy day!  Starting doing more 30 dollar trades today and will keep moving up as I am getting better, even though I am still on week 3!  GOD IS GOOD!


AND I just had to make this image because it is official, that I……




some of the best results I have ever had, or even seen in my life, still on just week number 4 myself of trading.. I cannot believe 4 weeks ago I did not even know how to trade at all and had never placed my own trade in my entire life…. I see big things coming! Practice makes perfect!  I hope this continues so I can help other people someday as well!

11 wins – 1 tie – one loss  —– WOW!

best streak ever



Things are starting to pull together for me with trading, today marks me having 1 month + experience… I am using a trade charts focused on “Think Or Swim”  I have a pro service called BTS 2.1  you can check out their website HERE tell them Daxon sent you If you do not mind, you will get great service!


just honest results here… I have a winning rate tonight so far of about 72%     My over all averages so far is about 70% – 80% over all on a weekly basis, I am happy!





withdraw took less than 48 hours to hit my bank account from markets world, below you can see the image screenshotted from my bank account!




(9/20/2016 – 9/23/2016)

I started using BTS 2.0 for mostly 60 second trades the past couple days, you can purchase it here at   after you purchase it tell them Daxon sent you! I can also help you out as much as I can!  I love BTS 2.1 and BTS 2.0!

capture win 222222 8-out-of-9




look at these trade I got today! HUGE ITM, using BTS 2.0 which is for 60 second trades, but I like to take 5 minute trades on it and win ITM by like 130 pips! Check out this image and video of how easy this is! is where you can buy BTS programs/signals!  It is my favorite over everything there is out there!  Use Code  D20 to get a discount on BTS!

see the image below?  look how easy I am winning these trades now!  holy moly


a few trades from today, all within about 20 minutes time frame all the time i had today actually.   I won all the trades I took and tied 1.  NO LOSING TRADES!  that does not happen often that I win every single trade but today was a day I did, I used BTS 2.0 (60 second trading system for these trades below and above)



(10/2/2016 – 10/7/2016)

Rajab Forex Trading This Week   +60 pips

(10/16/2016 – 10/22/2016)

Rajab Forex Trading This Week   +270 pips


I have not had time to do any trades but came on and won 8/10 which is 80%   took 10 trades in 15 minutes using BTS 60 second trading signals (bts 2.0)   made 15 bucks in 15 minutes… done for the day