Predictions On Who Will Be The Republican & Democrat Nominee 2016

Today is march 27th, 2016     I have had this prediction for a while now but just now deciding to write it down and have it dated so I can then see later on this year if I was correct or not… Since about the beginning of the year I have thought that Republican nominee will be Donald Trump and for the democrats it will be Hillary Clinton.


Why?  because going off of the current stats they are the candidates that mathematically have the best chance to clinch the nomination – that is unless Bernie can pull off some amazing wins and if the stop Trump movement does not end up working…..

I am a Trump fan myself because I feel like he is a true American and can really fix the problems, but each to their own decision……

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I then think Trump will end up calling out Hillary and bring much unwanted attention to her about her past and then I believe Trump will end up being the next president of the United States of America…

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Whoever wins I Pray to God they are the best one for the job to help fix this nation!
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