How To Improve & Fix Your Credit Score!


Great Tips On How To Boost Credit Score 
It is excruciating to know from a reliable source that more people will be disappointed to admit their credit scores at thirty percent than 12% of weight loss. While crash diets remain unhealthy and do not often work, it is possible to alter your credit score quickly. Is your quest for how to boost credit score, how to fix bad credit score or tips to raise your credit score? This article is specially written to unleash ways to improve your credit score.
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Dispute/Disagree Mistakes:

The truth is that mistakes often occur when talking about credit score. There is every possibility to dispute errors through the TransUnion, Experian and Equifax. Provided you have regulated any error, simply check the current status of your credit score to confirm changes.


You can check your current credit score for free at  it is actually a site I use and i have their mobile app and i can always see my current score and it does not cost a cent.

Look For A Credit Card:

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Your credit score can drastically improve by having 1-2 pieces of plastic cards. If you pay your bills on time and do not charge too much, there is every possibility for the credit to remain highly improved. It means that you should become a responsible credit card user. If you are finding it difficult to get a traditional card, there is always a solution. You can give a secure credit card option a try. On this note, you will have to be careful in selecting a secured credit card that reports to all the three primary history bureaus.

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Check/Monitor Your Limits:

One amazing way to raise your credit score is by checking your limits. It is a good idea to ensure that reported credit limits remain current. It should also be lower than they are. The process should not look as if you are maxing out your credit card monthly. If your credit card provider forgot to make a report on the current limit, request that it should be done.

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There is no way to claim that you stopped paying a credit card bill during unemployment. However, there is every possibility to erase the debt by asking creditors for help. Creditors can as well help to get rid of any account that went to collection. If the lender confirms the statement as being paid, you may write a letter offering to pay the remaining balance. Before making any payment, ensure that the creditor has agreed to make positive changes on your behalf. There is also the possibility to be asked for a good-will change. For instance, if you maintained a good credit report before unemployment, your issuer may decide to render the best assistance in a time of need.
Increase Your Credit Limit:
You can simply ask your creditors to raise the limit. At this juncture, you need to be careful with the entire process of increasing your credit limit. Increasing credit limit can only work if you can trust yourself not to go above the required length of the solution. Also keep in mind most credit card companies require you to use the card responsibly for 6+ months before you can request an increase in your credit line.
Reasons A Credit Score May Be Bad:


  1. High annual percentage rates: Bad credit cards usually have high APRs.
  1. High annual fee: Bad credit cards are risky investments for users.
  1. High advance fees: Someone with a bad credit score will always encounter high advance fees.
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