Secret to stopping wisdom teeth pain in seconds

While I am awaiting my appointment for quite some time, I have awful pain from my wisdom teeth. They are impacted and coming in crooked, I have tried many things and searched far and wide of how to make the pain go away, no need to be in pain, these simple things helped me a lot and they will help you too I am sure!

1. Get some pain medicine such as Advil, take it and allow it to start working, it can take some time for it to really start helping you, this is no secret though!

Secret to stopping wisdom teeth pain in seconds

2. The secret sauce? Lol! It is mouth wash! Yes, mouth wash! Carefully swirl some sound in your mouth for about 1 minute, it may hurt a little more for a few seconds then you will notice the pain jut quickly starting to fade away! This also helps with other tooth pain or cavities you might have!

3. After those two steps are complete, to help make the pain stay away longer, get some over the counter numbing medicine for a few dollars at Walmart or other local general store! You can rub it in the area that hurts and it will help to numb any future pain for a while that might try to come back!

If you teeth are really hurting, you really need to get to a dentist! To have my wisdom teeth out after insurance it will still cost $800. But once it is done, no more pain and I will never have to do it again!

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